About Us

About Us

Danish Design

From our inception in Copenhagen in 2009, Emma Go has steadily grown a crowd of loyal followers. Our collections are rooted in the Danish design philosophy of quality, modernism and functionality. We  sometimes choose adventurous colours and materials. These are inspired by cultural experiences, travels and music. For us, women footwear is one where style goes hand in hand with comfort and durability. Therefore, with versatile collections, we make it possible for any woman to be the Emma Go woman

We have now reached far and wide and you can order our creations worldwide, or find Emma Go in selected stores on almost every continent. Exciting news, we recently opened our first physical store in Copenhagen! 

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Ethically made

We love to make beautiful shoes, but we also want you to wear them in good conscience. To achieve this, we hand make each and every pair near Alicante in Spain. The region has a long tradition for the quality and craftsmanship that we demand. In addition, the proximity of our local suppliers to our main markets allows us to keep our CO2 footprint down.

Moreover, all our leather lining’s are certified chrome free. This is a relief, not only for the environment but also for our clients’ feet. Most of the parts are developed and produced locally and our leathers are colour dyed in Europe, where regulations for the tanning and the colouring process are much stricter than leather originating from other regions.

We continuously work on reducing our environmental impact and can’t wait to share more news with you about it.

Produced in Spain

We recognise and value European craftsmanship. Therefore, we have opened our own production office in Elda (the village of shoes) near Alicante. All of our shoes are produced with respect for the people involved in our value chain and for those wearing them every day. The factories and its workers stay away from chemicals that could be dangerous for their health and yours. Moreover, no sweatshops exist for Emma Go. The people making our shoes receive a fair salary and are all proud and experienced craftsmen and women.