Copenhagen Summer Pop Up Store

Copenhagen Summer Pop Up Store

In early 2019, we started to think about the idea of a physical store. Having worked with little and not so little stores all over the world for a decade, we first opened our own Webshop a couple of years back. But still, it felt necessary to go back to basics. 

The idea to truly reconnect with our customers guided us. Hence, we wanted this in the most natural way, through face-to-face interaction. What gives you a better shopping experience than being able to actually touch our shoes’ leather, try them on and feel how they fit? 

Add to this the advice from friendly and competent salespeople, and sometimes even by the designer himself. You will get our Pop-Up Store on Klosterstræde 24, Copenhagen.

In a floral and colorful space, we inaugurated Emma Go’s first physical location in May 2019. And it worked! We reached our goal of (re-) connecting with our lovely customers through personal service and we loved every minute of it. We got great ideas from conversations on design, colors and functionality. Now we can’t wait to include and develop them in our next collections!

This adventure is one that we decided to continue. Therefore, we hired a great team for sales and customer care, who you can now meet on Klosterstræde 6 days a week. And do you know what the best part of it all is? 

We are done with popping-up. Now, we are a store and one that’s not going anywhere. 

Rendez-vous on Klosterstræde 24, Copenhagen!